My Style

One of the most common questions I hear is “What is your favorite subject to photograph? Is it weddings? Sports? Portraits? …or is it something else?!” The answer isn’t always what people expect to hear, but my absolute favorite thing to do as a photographer is to tell a story through my pictures.

“Nothing beats meeting new people, learning something new, and being able to document someone’s experience through pictures. It doesn’t matter if the events unfold at a wedding or on the football field, either way it can be an amazing story in my eyes.”

To give you an idea of how I shoot, I’m definitely the type of photographer who stays out of the way of my subjects because I want the story to unfold without becoming a part of it myself. 

Too often I see photographers become a distraction to their clients and the last thing I want to do is interrupt a moment during something as important as my client’s wedding day.

I never pose anyone myself unless it’s doing a portrait session, …and speaking of

portrait sessions, I try to limit my schedule to one portrait session per event so that there is still ample time for my client’s story to unfold without being interrupted by portraits (… unless my assignment is strictly to take portraits of course).

But when it’s all said and done at the end of the day my goal is simple. I want to tell a story through my photos and to get a pat on the back from my client’s for a hard day’s work.


The 411

I usually don’t like to talk about myself too much, but I understand the importance of knowing a photographer’s background before potentially hiring them. So I promise this is the only place on my website where I’ll “toot my own horn” so to say. There are acountless number of photographers available for hire, so the best advice I have for someone who is looking to hire a photographer is simple.

Make sure to hire a photographer who has some experience under there belt. Secondly, look for one who has a style you love ...and most of all, find someone who you will enjoy working with.



If you follow those three rules you’ll greatly increase the odds of receiving a product you are happy with. Hopefully that photographer is me… but I won’t hold it against you if you choose someone else.

If you're interested in reading about my career in a resume form, I started working as a photojournalist in California back in 2003.  

Eventually I became a staff photographer in Florida and Nevada before coming back home to the Central Valley where I currently work as the university photographer for Fresno State. 



Along the way I won over a dozen state awards for my work as photojournalist and was also recognized as the International University Photographer of the Year by the CASE organization in 2009 and also won Best Photograph of the Year from them in 2013. I’ve also been moonlighting many of my weekends as a wedding photographer as well as a contract photographer for USA Today Sports. My work has been published in such places as ESPN the Magazine, Maxim, The L.A. Times, and most recently I had the cover photo for two separate issue of Sports Illustrated.

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