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It doesn’t matter if story unfolds at a wedding or on the football field. Meeting new people, learning something new, and just being able to document someone's experience through photos is what drives me each day. 

I love for a story to unfold in front of me without becoming a part of the story myself. I try to stay out of my subject's way so that an image can be made honestly without direction. Too often I see photographers become a distraction to their clients and the last thing I want to do is interrupt a moment during something as important as my client’s wedding day.

I never pose and set up shots during an event unless it’s during a portrait session. I try to optimize the amount of candid photos we can get from an event so I recommend scheduling one block of time where my clients and I can get some creative portraits.

So basically when it’s all said and done, my goal is simple. I want to document your experience and showcase it as best I can through photos. 


Doro captures the art of life.
— Francesco Moschella


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